County Commission

The Board of County Commissioners serves as the Chief Legislative and Executive Branch of the County Government. Composed of five members, the Board is elected to staggered four year terms. Each Commissioner represents a district of the County.

The authority in a county is vested in the duly constituted governing body when it is in a meeting and in open session. When the Board of County Commissioners is not in session, the individual members generally have no more legal authority than do private citizens.

The duties of the Board of County Commissioners include:

  • Approving the County budget and expenditures
  • Appointing the various department heads of the County
  • Exercising powers of local legislation

The Commissioners also serve as the Board of Canvassers, the group that reviews election results within the County.

The Board of County Commissioners meet regularly each Wednesday with additional meetings throughout the week as needed. The Commissioners also represent the County on various public boards such as the Port Authority, Leavenworth County Development Corporation and the Mid-America Regional Council.


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