Advance Voting

All Registered Voters are Eligible and Encouraged to Advance Vote!

If you wish to apply online please visit

Advance Voting for the 2023 Primary Election: (if needed)

  • Mail ballots and In Person Voting Begins July 12, 2023.
  • In Person Advance Voting can be done at the Leavenworth County Courthouse.

Advance Voting for the 2023 General Election:

  • Mail ballots and In Person Voting Begins October 18, 2023.
  • In Person Advance Voting can be done at the Leavenworth County Courthouse.

Advance Voting Options in Leavenworth County

Advance Voting In-Person (Don't Forget Your ID!):

  • Voting hours and locations may vary depending on the type of election. Each advance voter must show photo identification before receiving a ballot. Check out the Voter ID Requirement before coming in.

Advance Voting by Mail:

  • Advance Voting by Mail Forms (AV1M)
  • To vote by mail you must complete an Application for an Advance Voting Ballot and mail, email or fax it to the Election Office at (913) 680-1489. A separate application must be submitted for each election. Voters who request advance ballots by mail must submit either their valid driver's license numbers or copies of photographic identification documents.
  • If you are sick or disabled, you are eligible to complete an Application for Permanent Advance Voting Status. This form is completed only once and good for every election you are eligible to vote in. There is no ID requirement for Permanent Advance Applications.
  • Your completed application must be received at the Election Office before 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the election. Submit your application early to avoid delays!
  • Ballots will be mailed beginning 20 days before the election. Your completed ballot may be delivered in person to the Election Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, delivered in person to any polling place in Leavenworth County on Election Day or mailed and postmarked by Election Day. If postmarked by the Election Day it must be received by the Friday after the election for it to be eligible to count. Ballots may not be faxed.

Advanced Voting Ballot Information:

  • It is illegal for any person or group to delay or interfere with the transmission of applications from voters to the Election Office. Persons or groups transmitting applications for voters must mail, fax or deliver them to the Election Office within two days from the time they are signed. Anybody assisting the voter must sign the Affidavit of Assistance on the back of the mail ballot envelope.
  • Ballot applications received within 20 days of the election will be processed within two business days. US Postal services are not in our control and this could delay your ballot. Please plan ahead so you receive your ballot in plenty of time to return your voted ballot to our office by the deadline.


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