Buildings & Grounds

What we do...
Buildings and Grounds tries, to the best of our ability, to be good stewards of taxpayer's money and operate within the annual budget constraints set by the Board of County Commissioners.

What responsibilities fall under Buildings and Grounds?  

  • The safe operation and maintenance of 10 county owned buildings and three communication towers with a combined value of over $78 million.
  • Primary focus is on the Courthouse, Justice Center, Health Department, EMS facilities, County Shop, Transfer Station and Tonganoxie Annex.
  • Manages all facility construction projects and subcontracted services.

How does Buildings and Grounds accomplish all of the needed operation and maintenance?

  • Buildings and Grounds has a maintenance staff of a director, four technicians, an administrative assistant, four janitorial staff and access to the County Shop personnel and equipment when needed.
  • Buildings and Grounds has many tools in the operation and maintenance toolbox and some are three year on-call contracts, a shop full of hand tools, power tools, mowing equipment and needed parts.
  • Buildings and Grounds has access to the Public Works architectural/engineering support contract for assistance with engineering and architectural design needs.
  • Other tools at our disposal are annual specialty service contracts for elevators, electrical control systems at the Justice Center, fire monitoring, vending and Justice Center janitorial to name a few.

What types of projects does Buildings and Grounds have going today?

  • The newly acquired Cushing Memorial Hospital conversion and remodel of four floors
  • Operations and maintenance of the five sewer districts.
  • Day to day requests for operation and maintenance from county employees.
  • Preparing to advertise recurring contracts in 2022.


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