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March 23, 2020 Update

Media Contact
Todd Farley, Joint Information Center

Leavenworth County Health Department COVID-19 Update

Today (03-23-2020) at 4:00 PM, the Leavenworth County Health Department (LCHD) reports the following: please note the numbers listed below have not changed from yesterday.

Total Tested (County Health and Private) 71
Total tested by Leavenworth County Health Dept. 42
Negative results 34
Test that are pending 4
Positive results 4
Private lab tested 29
Negative results 25
Tests that are pending 3
Positive results 1
Total known positive results in Leavenworth County 5

Law enforcement guidelines for social distancing and essential travel have been developed by Leavenworth County.

“We know this is a stressful time, and we are all working together. But as the number of local infections continues to rise, law enforcement needs to make sure people are following the rules so we can stop the spread sooner instead of later.” -Leavenworth County Undersheriff Jim Sherley

“When the weather is nice, get outside. While we still need to practice social distancing, we can still enjoy the things that only nature can provide.” - Leavenworth County Public Health Officer Jamie Miller