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Media Contact
Stephanie Sloop, Joint Information Center

Leavenworth County Health Department is reporting a cluster of COVID-19 cases at The Grossman Center, Leavenworth Kansas

Leavenworth County Health Department has identified a cluster of COVID-19 cases at The Grossman Center, located within the City of Leavenworth.

After (2) two positive cases in residents were reported to the Health Department, the facility was immediately quarantined, and testing for the entire facility was conducted. Testing has resulted in a total of (42) positive cases at the center. This total represents both residents and staff positive cases. Most cases were found to be asymptomatic but were discovered because the entire facility was tested.

Continued monitoring and aggressive testing will be performed moving forward with the facility to help contain the virus.

Through contact tracing, it is believed exposure is linked to Triumph Foods, a meatpacking facility in St. Joseph, Missouri. Triumph foods experienced an outbreak at the facility in late April, affecting approximately 17% of the company’s workforce.

As the Grossman Center is affiliated with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, information that can be shared is limited.

For more information, continue to use the or the Hot-Line established by Leavenworth County Health Department, 913-250-2000 option 3.