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Stephanie Sloop, Joint Information Center

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly vetoed House Bill 2054 passed by the Kansas legislature yesterday. This shifted the reopening orders responsibility to the Local Health Officers starting at midnight last night. The state had been in Phase 2 of the Governor’s plan to reopen, but Kelly said going forward, she’ll offer her Ad Astra plan only as guidance to county health officials, who can impose health, business and mass gathering limits.

At this time, Leavenworth County is not imposing additional limits or orders, based on current conditions. Although the Health Officer strongly recommends that Leavenworth County residents and businesses continue to adhere to the phases and guidance in the State’s Ad Astra plan. The Health Department will provide a guidance document to assist businesses and residents on current best practices.

This will give us the time we need to monitor the data and see the impact of loosening restrictions, reopening businesses and gatherings that occur. It is extremely important that we all continue to practice physical distancing, wear barrier masks where we cannot maintain social distancing, practice good hygiene and make decisions that protect the health of the community. Just because the restrictions are being lifted does not mean the virus and threat is eliminated.

The Health Department will continue to investigate outbreaks/cases, provide testing and preform contact tracing. We’ve appreciated how Leavenworth County residents and businesses have taken steps to mitigate this virus and ask that everyone continues to help with that effort. If these recommendations are followed, we have hope that our efforts will continue to recover our community.

The Leavenworth County guidance document

For more information, continue to use the or the Hot-Line established by Leavenworth County Health Department, 913-250-2000 option 3.