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June 29, 2020

The District Court has resumed court hearings on non-essential matters.

Because public access to both the Justice Center and Courthouse remain restricted at this time, the court will conduct non-essential proceedings by audio or video means, unless otherwise ordered by the presiding judge.

If an in-person hearing is authorized, the hearing can be conducted with no more than the amount of people who can remain socially distanced at least 6 feet apart throughout the courtroom or any other facility being used by the court for a proceeding. Face coverings will be required for all persons present during a court hearing who cannot maintain the required social distancing from any other person present during the hearing. Courtrooms will be periodically disinfected.

All court patrons are expected to exercise appropriate social distancing in a courtroom or other area under the court’s control. All are urged to review and observe the Kansas Judicial Branch Visitor Alert requirements posted throughout the court's facilities.

All persons with business before the court are urged to complete their business online, by phone, or by mail. Persons who are not represented by an attorney but who wish to file documents in a new District Court action or in an existing District Court action may submit their documents to the court by fax at 913-684-0492. Legal forms that may be used in a variety of civil actions are available at www.kansasjudicialcouncil.org.

Persons who seek Protection From Abuse (PFA) or Protection From Stalking, Sexual Assault, or Human Trafficking (PFSSAHT) emergency orders must file a petition with the District Court. Specific petition forms and instructions are available below. Petition forms are also available at the Clerk of District Court's office or the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office in the Leavenworth Justice Center Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.

All completed PFA and PFSSAHT petitions may be filed with the court by fax at 913-684-0492, or in person at the Clerk of District Court’s office Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.

Persons who wish to contact Court Services should call 913-684-0750.

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