Clarification Letter

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County Administrator
300 Walnut, Suite 225
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-2815
(913) 684-0417
Facsimile (913) 684-0410

Wednesday March 18, 2020

For clarification to yesterday’s order from the County Health Officer.

  • The 10-person limit and the social distancing aspect both apply meaning you must be able to allow for both or reduce the number of people until you can comply.
  • Restaurants are allowed to stay open for delivery or take out, and if they have a means to ensure no more than 10 people in their facility with adequate social distancing they may allow indoor seating.
  • Fitness facilities due to the nature of use should consider closing.
  • Any business by its nature that does not allow for social distancing should be closed to the public.
  • For example, barber shops, beauty salons, nail salons and other face to face interactive businesses.

These rules do not apply to businesses that are considered critical infrastructure such as healthcare services, pharmaceutical and food supply. Those businesses have a special responsibility to maintain normal operations. There are other guidelines in place for these businesses and I encourage those groups to educate themselves further via CDC guidelines.

We encourage all people to stay home when possible, avoid any discretionary travel, shopping trips and social visits.

Utilize pickup and delivery services as much as possible.

Utilize electronic communication as much as possible.


Mark Loughry
County Administrator