Property Fraud Alert

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The Leavenworth County Register of Deeds is offering a FREE online subscription to help prevent PROPERTY FRAUD.

What is it?

When someone illegally uses your property for financial gain.

How does it happen?

Someone records a fraudulent document in the County Land records office, making it look like they own your home or property.

Should I be concerned?

Yes, According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in America.

What can I do about it?

Your County Register of Deeds Office has teamed up to create a notification service called PROPERTY FRAUD ALERT.

Protecting the most valuable investment - your home: BE INFORMED - BE ALERT - BE NOTIFIED

Click here to sign up for this FREE community service by completing the registration form or call our office at 913.684.0424. You will be given the opportunity to be notified by "Email" and by "Phone" when any document is recorded against your property in the Office of The Register of Deeds.

Please enter both email and phone number of yourself and, if any other person is named on your Deed, both of their contact information as well to give the highest possibility of immediate notification when necessary. Remember to include any trust or business name that holds property.