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Text notification now available!

The Leavenworth County Register of Deeds is offering a FREE subscription to notify land owners of all recordings on their land in an effort to slow the number of PROPERTY FRAUD attempts.

What is Seller Impersonation Fraud?

When someone illegally uses your property for financial gain by means of Identity Theft.

How does it happen?

Someone records a fraudulent document in the County Land Records office without your knowledge or permission, making it look like they own your home or property.

Should I be concerned?

Yes, According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in America. As of this writing, over 30 cases of fraud have been attempted or completed in Leavenworth County since January 2021.

What can I do about it?

Your County Register of Deeds Office has teamed up with Fidlar Technologies to create a FREE notification service - PROPERTY FRAUD ALERT.

Always know what is recorded on your home or property: BE INFORMED - BE ALERT - BE NOTIFIED!!

Most recordings are legitimate filings.  Property Fraud Alert does not determine if a recorded document is legal or illegal...it is up to you to review and determine the status.

We changed the way mortgage reassignments are indexed to now include the homeowner's names.  This triggers an alert to notify the homeowner each time the bank sells their paper to a new bank.  Doing the same for mortgage releases notifies the homeowners so they may update the mailing address for tax statements with the LV Co. Treasurer's office thus avoiding a late fee when the bank is no longer escrowing taxes.

Medical liens used to not be discovered by homeowners for years.  With immediate notification, you can contact your insurance company to remedy the lien.  City administration liens can be remedied at the city hall of the city filing the lien.  (Mechanic's liens filed in the courts will not trigger an alert!  Only documents recorded in the Register of Deeds office will create the notification to landowners.)

This FREE community service is available by completing the registration form at any public program given by TerriLois Mashburn, Register of Deeds, or by calling our office at 913.684.0424. You will be notified by email, a phone call (landline or cell), and text when any document is recorded against your property in the Office of The Register of Deeds.

We request both email and phone number of yourself and, any other person is named on your deed to give the highest possibility of immediate notification when necessary. Remember to mention any Trust or business name that holds property. 

Once subscribed, your notification service does not expire.  You will only need to contact us to update a new phone number or email.  

To subscribe call our office at 913-684-0424 or email request to tmashburn@leavenworthcounty.gov 

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