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You have many options to search documents yourself with TAPESTRY for a $6.95 search fee.

application example

Click here to begin searching then select Leavenworth, KS for the county.

Note: Searches by name or legal description may currently be found back to November 15, 1979 and through book 545.

Images of documents from 1976 to 1979 are available, but have not been indexed yet. To Locate those images, you must enter the exact Book and Page number.

How to enter a Book and Page request through Tapestry:

You must enter four digits for the Book number, and four digits for the Page number with no space between the Book and Page numbers.  For example: Book 598 Page 1 would be entered as: 05980001.

The Register of Deeds Office is a recording office and retains many land records for public inspection. However, we cannot provide any free research or copies of the records by Register of Deeds staff, and charge $30 per hour for research with a $7.00 minimum fee. We are not responsible for missed documents and do not offer legal advice of any kind. We are not bonded to perform title searches.