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We are located on the second floor of the Old Courthouse. GIS handles a wide variety of mapping functions. We support the cartographic needs of other County and City Offices, as well as Police, Fire, EMS, Utilities, Private Companies, Surveyors, and the Public.

GIS has a growing archive of many map 'layers'. Aerial photos, (ranging from 1941 to current), property boundaries, land use, roads, hydrology, flood zones, elevation, municipal boundaries, water districts, school districts, tax districts, to name a few. They create and maintain new layers as projects develop.

Our GIS technicians are busy building new map layers and constantly updating the old ones with the latest information to make our Interactive Map as useful as possible. If you need something other then that map viewer can provide, please contact us. We would be happy to help you.

Other map services available from our department include:

  • Providing Geo-Referenced map layers like shape files and geodatabases.
  • Mapping legal descriptions.
  • Producing a list of property owners within a given radius of a parcel for Special Use Permits, Rezoning, etc.
  • Scanning and/or printing large format documents and maps. (up to 3' wide and 12' long)
  • Custom maps built upon request of any combination of map layers we have.
  • Custom databases and reports built from your unique criteria.
  • Time tracking aerial photos from 1941 to present day.
  • Historical map archive including layers such as old wagon trails, cemeteries, circa 1870 school houses, abandoned railroads, etc.
  • Specific wall maps such as land owners, school districts, flood maps, land use, etc.
Radius Searches $200.00
($4 per pacel if less than 50 parcels)
Complete Database of the County $1,500.00
(One-time fee with annual update after that of $350.00)
Map layers and or datasets of any part of the county:
Rural Areas (per section) $3.00
Urban Areas (per quarter section) $3.00
Printed Wall Maps:
8 ½" x 11" $2.00
12" x 18" $4.00
24" x 36" $10.00
36" x 36" $12.00
36" x 48" $14.00
36" x 60" $18.00

We can provide an aerial photo of any property that shows right-of-ways, property lines, creeks and ponds, buildings, flood zones, elevation, soil types, land use, etc. Since this office was created, the information is all kept up-to-date. If we don't have the type of map you need, we can direct you to who does.

You may also get electronic maps on CD or e-mailed to you.

If you have any questions, please contact us!