”Changing the lives of at-risk youth and their families for safer, stronger Atchison and Leavenworth Communities”

Leavenworth County is the designated Administrative County for the 1st Judicial District (JD1) of the Juvenile Justice Authority (JJA), serving Atchison and Leavenworth Counties. As the administrative county, the Board of County Commissioners is responsible for ensuring local compliance with the Kansas Juvenile Justice Reform Act provisions.


JJA is a cabinet level criminal justice agency that began operating on July 1, 1997. K.S.A. Article 70 establishes JJA and gives powers and duties to the agency for the care, custody and control of juvenile offenders. Individuals as young as ten years of age and as old as 17 years of age may be adjudicated as juvenile offenders and ordered into the custody of the Commissioner of Juvenile Justice. JJA may retain custody of a juvenile offender in a juvenile correctional facility until the age of 22 1/2 and in the community until the age of 23.

JJA leads a broad-based state and local, public and private partnership to provide the state's comprehensive juvenile justice system. This includes prevention programs, community-based graduated sanctions and juvenile correctional facilities.

Identification of unique local factors regarding youth development led to the establishment of a Comprehensive Strategic Plan. This plan is the foundation upon which local program implementation is based. More information on our local Strategic Plan can be found here .

Additional information regarding JJA is available on their website at .