Recycling Center

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We offer recycling to our county residents, same open hours as the Transfer Station.
The center is located at the Transfer Station, next to the scale house. 
We offer recycling of cardboard (NO STYROFOAM), paper, soft plastics, glass (of all colors), aluminum cans and tin cans at the center. We also have metal and ewaste recycling located past the scale house.  
How to Prepare
     Paper - including magazines,
 general paper
     Cardboard -thin
     Flatten boxes
     Plastic Containers  #1, #2 and #5 
     Tin Cans
     Rinse, Place lid in bottom
      and pinch closed
Separated Items
How to Prepare/What to Do
     Corrugated Cardboard (NO STYROFOAM)
     Flatten boxes
     Rinse and put in Ripple Container
     Aluminum Cans - aluminum cans only,
     NO pie tins or foil
     Rinse and put in aluminum bin
     Metal Items - including washers, dryers, stoves, swings, metal tables, etc.
     Come on Scale and notify operator,
proceed to roll off container
     Electronic Waste - including cell phones, computer monitors, printers, computers, DVD players, televisions, VCRs, speakers
and other small electronics.
     Come on scale and notify operator.
     Come on scale and notify operator. 
Must be in sealed container.
     Freon Units - including freezers, fridges,
air cond and dehumidifiers
     Come on scale and notify operator. 
        $20 fee.