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Compliant, Buildable
Part of our job in the Planning and Zoning Department is to give property owners regulatory mechanisms that control how parcels in the county are split and combined. This is in order to  encourage uniform development patterns and uphold our Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. There are numerous ways to legitimately change property lines in the county, such as a Tract Split, a Minor or Major Subdivision, or a Boundary Line Adjustment. Parcels that have created by these mechanisms are considered Compliant, Buildable. For example, if a parcel in the county is part of a subdivision, it is most often Compliant, Buildable.

Non-Compliant, Non-Buildable
When property is split without using the aforementioned regulatory mechanisms, or otherwise is recognized as non-compliant, it can be rendered non-buildable. When a person owns a non-buildable parcel, they cannot receive a building permit to build a new structure, and if any structure on the parcel has more than 51% of its area destroyed or otherwise damaged, the structure cannot be rebuilt.  

Non-Compliant, Buildable
Sometimes a parcel was configured, split, sold, or otherwise changed prior-to or between specific dates of regulation-adoption. In circumstances such as this, a parcel could be considered non-compliant and buildable. For example, if a parcel with 160' of road frontage is in Rural Residential 5-acre zoning (which requires parcels have at least 300' of road frontage), you might expect that parcel to be considered non-buildable. However, if deed research indicates that this parcel was created between January 1, 1962 and December 31, 1995, it would instead be considered Non-Compliant, Buildable.

To receive a letter concerning the compliance and buildability of a parcel, fill out the form below. If you need to locate a PID for the property in questions, use our Interactive Map. Once received we will begin deed research. Requests are processed in a timely matter, that varies depending on staff workload and the amount of research required. Fees for staff research time may be charged. Status of Parcel Letters are valid for 18 months.

**NOTE: Depending on the time needed to complete deed research, status of parcel letters are often accompanied by a fee. Applicant's will be notified prior to fee accrual.

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