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Septic Systems 
Due to its rural nature, a majority of households in unincorporated Leavenworth County are not connected to a sewer system. Because of this, septic systems are very common in the county, and promoting their continued function & maintenance is vital to the health and welfare of Leavenworth residents. A system that is neglected or misused can create public and environmental hazards. Adhering to the sanitary code and contacting an Approved Septic Contractor to perform installations, periodic inspections, and maintenance is crucial to the continued function of septic systems.

Septic Inspection Process
In 2011 the Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution 2011-12, which ruled that real estate resale inspections are required for on-site sewage management systems for all habitable structures in the county, this includes Standard Septic Systems and Lagoons. This inspection ensures the system is functioning properly and not creating a public health hazard by discharging sewage.

Septic System & Code Enforcement Quick-Facts
  • Lateral fields, or leach fields, are an important component to many septic systems. Knowledge of lateral field location is important for homeowners. Lateral fields should not be driven over, as it can cause shifting and/or breaking of lateral lines. 
  • An Engineered Waste Disposal System will be required on parcels that are less than 2.5 acres. Engineered systems may be required on lots larger than 2.5 acres due to poor soil conditions. 
  • Lagoons, or Waste Stabilization Ponds, will only be considered if the installation of a septic-tank-lateral field disposal system, or an alternative system is not possible, and the tract is five acres or more in size with a minimum of 300' of road frontage. No further subdivision will be allowed on such tracts.
  • Stormwater runoff is regulated by the state, and is enforced in civil court. For more information regarding storm drainage, please refer to this pamphlet from the Kansas Local Technical Assistance Program
  • If you have just purchased a home with a lagoon and are seeking more information, click here.
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