Regulations & Zoning

REGULATIONS are put into place for the safety and welfare of the general public. Zoning Regulations pertain to the size of property and uses allowed within defined districts. Subdivision Regulations define the manner in which property can be divided. Sanitary Code governs the treatment of waste in the County. Flood Plain Regulations are administered for all activities within the established floodplain.

A copy of our Zoning and Subdivision Regulations can be found in the Document Center.

ZONING DISTRICTS are designed to promote and protect the public health, safety and welfare by encouraging land uses which are in accordance to the Comprehensive Plan. Please look to the table below for the area & setback requirements for the zoning districts in the county. To find out which uses are specifically allowed and disallowed in each Zoning District, please look to Article 19 - Table of Uses, in the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.

To view the zoning map visit the interactive map. For help navigating the Interactive Map, please visit our Interactive Map Quick-Start Guide.


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