Entrance Permit Information

Entrances in Leavenworth County must be permitted whenever an entrance is being installed on a county roadway, even for agricultural purposes. The Entrance Permit fee is $150, $100 of which is a bond, meaning it will be returned to the applicant upon verification of installation to county-standard. An issued Entrance Permit lasts for 120 days.

When building a new Single-Family home on a vacant lot, an entrance review is a part of receiving a Single-Family home building permit. A separate entrance permit application does not need to be submitted. During the building permit review, County Staff will review the proposed entrance location indicated on the site plan and work with the developer and/or property owner to ensure the entrance is located on the property according to County standards.  Addresses are only granted when a residence is being built.

Entrance Permit Procedure
  • Applicant to submit a completed application and all required documents. Entrance permits applications can be found in the Document Center under Applications>Building Permit Applications.
  • Entrance Permit applications require:
    • A site plan (aerial view indication entrance location and its distance from property lines or other entrances)
    • A copy of property deed (can be obtained from Register of Deeds office at the Leavenworth County Courthouse, Suite 103)
    • Signed Owner Authorization Affidavit (only required if someone other than the owner is submitting this form)
  • Applicant to place flags at desired entrance location.
  • Public Works must approve entrance location and size of the entrance culvert.
  • Planning & Zoning will notify applicant if entrance location is approved and specify the required culvert diameter.
  • Applicant to notify Public Works (913) 727-1800 after entrance is constructed for inspection.
  • Public Works will refund $100 after entrance has been constructed to County Standards


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